Dr. Folkemer: Stop Advertising Teen Drinking Movies!

February 13, 2009


The Uninvited is a very scary movie. Perhaps the scariest thing about this film is it is yet another Channel One News-promoted movie that normalizes teen drinking.

Incredibly, Mothers Against Drunk Driving still allow Dr. Paul Folkemer of Channel One to be on their board of directors. In fact he is the Chairman of the Board for MADD! Yet, he and the other remaining executives at Channel One allow ads for movies that they know, or should know, glorify and normalize underage drinking.

Who knows what Channel One will advertise to kids next? The company continues to remove all commercials from their webcast of the daily show. They are doing this on purpose to keep parents and the public from knowing what is being advertised to their captive audience of children.

Obligation’s president Jim Metrock said, "I wonder how much money this web advertisement made for Channel One News? It couldn’t be more than a hundred dollars. There just isn’t enough traffic on their site for any significant ad revenue. You would think people would sell their souls for a little bit more than that."