Dark Horse Gets Airplay On Elementary Program

February 16, 2009

Nickelback’s Dark Horse CD is getting air time on BusRadio’s elementary school radio show.

Nickelback is an unlikely band to be featured on any program aimed at such young children. The band’s most famous song is Rockstar "Everybody has a drug dealer on speed dial" and "the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap."

The audio clip below is from the afternoon Elementary School show for February 13, 2009. You’ll hear the end of "The Party’s Just Begun" by the Cheetah Girls, then a PSA about eating smarter, then an appeal for elementary school kids to call BusRadio – that shouldn’t make parents feel good – then you’ll hear the start of the third song off Nickelback’s Dark Horse album called "Gotta Be Somebody."

This song has no offensive lyrics. But several other songs off this BusRadio-promoted CD do have problems. Second graders who hear this song over and over will get to like Nickelback. They’ll want to hear more songs off this album such as the first song "Something In Your Mouth." This is typical Nickelback wordplay as they try to get nasty but still maintaining a large audience of very young fans.

Got to meet the hottie with the million dollar body
They say its over budget but you