March 14, 2009



Below is a long audio clip of a song played for middle school students this past week. You can check out the lyrics here.

BusRadio will argue that they have every right to promote Fabolous and his music to children just out of elementary school BECAUSE the bad words are blanked out.

Please check out all of Fabolous’s songs here.

In an effort to be fair to BusRadio, we have tried to look through the past songs of this singer to understand why BusRadio approved his presence on their middle school programming.

BusRadio may have thought that Fabolous was a singer of great religious conviction because he recorded "Church" and "Exodus." Then again, maybe his song "F You Too" impressed BusRadio employees. After all, he used the letter "F" in the title and not the whole word. Evidently there is at least some wholesomeness in this singer. Fabolous also shows restraint by titling one song "We Don’t Give A." Again he could have easily added more to the song title. He obviously understands that young people may be around. (Yeah, right.)

As you listen to this song, get a sense of how long these BusRadio rap songs are. If a long song is played on the way to school and then again on the way home, today and the next day and the next, pretty soon young listeners will get to at least tolerate the song, if they didn’t like it to begin with, or they will get to like the song.