Confirmed: Radios Out In Montgomery County

March 20, 2009

Obligation has received confirmation that all BusRadio radios have been removed from Montgomery County Public School (MD) buses.

Last December the district agreed to end their experiment with BusRadio after parents complained. In February a Montgomery County elementary school bus driver was heard calling into BusRadio in an effort to win a contest.

Obligation wrote Larry Bowers, the Chief Operating Officer of the district, about the status of BusRadio and was told on March 13, "All radios have been removed from MCPS buses."

Montgomery County has the 14th largest school bus fleet in the county. This was going to be BusRadio’s largest fleet under contract. It now appears that Cobb County (GA) is the largest fleet using BusRadio. There are already several parents starting efforts in this district to do what parents did in Maryland.