Quiz Rocket

April 21, 2009

Channel One thinks the site that offers quizzes like the above is "cool."


Channel One News has brought new content to their web site. This new content is not going to be pleasing to parents.

If you go to the bottom of the Channelone.com homepage, you’ll find this new section of links:

Channel One’s parent company the highly controversial Alloy Media and Marketing company is now openly promoting its other sites on Channel One’s site.

The "Entertainment" links are to Alloy sites promoting books few parents would want their preteen or teen to read. "College" has links to Alloy owned sites that use information about scholarships and colleges to secure personal information from teens which Alloy then resells.

Under "Other Cool Sites" you’ll find Quiz Rocket. Although this site appears to be owned by a different company, it is certainly an advertiser on Channel One’s web site. You have to visit this site to believe it. This is a site that would shock every adult who visits it except for the Channel One News executives who approved this site’s presence on Channelone.com.

Channel One executives know that calling this site "cool" they will attract a certain number of children. The fact that Quiz Rocket normalizes drinking for teens and preteens appears to raise no concern with the Channel One marketers.

Quiz Rocket is all about getting personal information from children, especially their cell phone number. Take a quiz and see how it works. You can take the "What (Alcoholic) Drink Are You? Quiz" or the "Drunk Quiz."

Here’s a sample of their "Beer Quiz":

At the bottom of the "Beer Quiz" is this language:

Presenting teens with a "Beer Quiz" you see is no mistake. Quiz Rocket clearly says they expect young people as young as 13 to be taking this quiz and all the other outrageous and reckless quizzes on this site.

Channel One News also didn’t make a mistake. They knew the site they were sending to teens to.