Wanna Be A Star?

May 11, 2009

Vocal Corner Store is now a major advertiser on BusRadio. They are an artist development and management company.

Parents have no idea this type of personal services company is advertising on their child’s school bus.

Recently BusRadio’s DJ Mathew Blades told elementary school bus riders that Vocal Corner Band can make them a star like Beyonce. [Click here.] The DJ is dead certain that any child can be a star if his or her parents pay this company for help.

This type of advertising preys on the dreams of children. It is bad enough that BusRadio has agreed to promote this talent company, but to plug the company to elementary school children is disturbing.

Below is a page from BusRadio.com. How much is Boot Camp? You have to write Jules at jules@busradio.com and he’ll send you a brochure. When you don’t see a price in an ad and you have to send off for a brochure the odds are whatever it is is expensive. We wonder if Nick Cooper has ever turned away any child because they lack singing talent? We wonder if Bryant James, BusRadio’s in-house Superstar, is going to spend some of his time at Boot Camp?


BusRadio does everything it possibly can for its advertisers. We’ll give them that. Below is what looks like a typical feature story and picture on BusRadio.com. They have dozens of these short paragraphs followed by a picture or YouTube video followed by an opportunity for young people to rate the story either "Hot" or "Not"

This is a stealth ad. It is meant to fool children. There should be a notice somewhere that this is an "advertisement," but BusRadio doesn’t believe in that type of honesty. Having "advertisement" above this content would make the ad less effective. BusRadio looks after the interests of its advertisers at the expense of the welfare of children. Every "break" goes to the advertiser.