Who Knows Which Stars You’ll Run Into There

May 15, 2009

Kids are not only forced to listen to numerous commercials for this talent agency on their bus, but at Busradio.com they see banner ads like this.


The hardball ads for Vocal Corner Store are increasing on BusRadio.

We have talked before about how inappropriate it is for BusRadio to be advertising this artist management company to students. (Click here.)

Today, Friday May 15, bus riders heard a female voice boasting about what this company can do for any young person. Like before, BusRadio is allowing this advertiser to promise incredible results.

Here’s the first part of the ad script. You can hear the ad for yourself at the link below.

Do you want to be a star?

What if I told you you could learn to sing from the coach to the stars?

Well, you can at the Vocal Corner Store in LA.

At the Vocal Corner Store you’ll learn to be a star.

and you might be able to hangout at the world famous Westlake Studios

and who knows which stars you’ll run into there.


AUDIO FILE: BusRadio plugging Vocal Corner Store

High School AM show May 15, 2009


This summer school boards need to revisit their contracts with BusRadio. School officials were never told that talent agencies were going to be advertised to students. This is an industry that promises a whole lot and often delivers little to nothing. Obligation urges BusRadio to immediately cease all advertising for Vocal Corner Store or any other talent development or management company. Continuing to advertise companies like this will most certainly get school districts into hot water with parents.