Do Me A Favor

May 22, 2009


From Jim Metrock:

Mathew Blades did another bad thing. In fact, he did the same bad thing three times in one day.

Blades hosted all three BusRadio shows this morning and he was a DJ on a mission.


AUDIO FILE: High school drivers need to call.




AUDIO FILE: Middle school bus drivers, I need a favor.




AUDIO FILE: Get with those drivers that refuse to turn BusRadio on.



What we have here is a school supplier, BusRadio, trying to pull a fast one on school districts.

BusRadio needs help. They need a LOT of help to become profitable. They want school bus drivers to give them information – for FREE – in order to make their product more acceptable to schools. No, BusRadio, you hire people to do that. You don’t use taxpayer money to do market research. Taxpayers don’t want their child’s bus driver working for the school and for BusRadio at the same time. A bus driver would be crazy to do what Mr. Blades is asking.

This disc jockey is asking school bus drivers to pull over "when it is safe" and take valuable time to call BusRadio and give their thoughts about how this company could be made better. (Are children still on the buses when drivers pull over to chat with BusRadio?) BusRadio is also asking drivers to search out drivers who don’t like BusRadio and get them to call BusRadio. Actually, what BusRadio is really asking drivers to do is talk to those who aren’t playing BusRadio and convince them they should. Drivers who don’t like BusRadio are not going to call BusRadio and the company knows that. BusRadio wants obediant drivers to put pressure on these non-compliant drivers. The nerve of BusRadio to ask school bus drivers to do BusRadio’s work during the driver’s work day.

Is BusRadio going to send these drivers a check for this effort? No. If a driver gets fired for working for a private company while they are suppose to be only working for the school district, will BusRadio pay for their legal fees to defend themselves and try to keep their job? No.

This idea of searching out other drivers who don’t like BusRadio is utterly creepy. Hey, BusRadio, if you can’t make a product that is acceptable to the general public then that is your fault. Don’t ask drivers to bail you out. Hire more sales people to push your product, but leave these drivers alone. You are going to get somebody fired.

School suppliers are not suppose to talk to school employees unless supervisors and administrators in charge of running the district want that to happen. Can you imagine the chaos in a school district if suppliers were free to talk directly to those using their products and solicited their ideas about how the company could become more profitable?

Add another reason to permanently turn off BusRadio if you have it in your school district.