Crisis Time At BusRadio

June 8, 2009

It is Crisis Time at BusRadio.

Citizens from across the country are letting the Federal Communications Commission know what they think about BusRadio’s business model on school buses.

BusRadio as expected is contacting transportation directors and bus drivers urging them to write favorable comments about their company. Comments from those in favor of BusRadio and those opposed are all viewable by the public and can be read at type in "09-68" in the "Proceeding" box and then go to the bottom and click on "Retrieve Document List."

It’s a great county that allows both sides of an issue to post their thoughts in the public forum. You can disagree with someone’s position, but you have to respect anyone who stands up for their convictions. The FCC staff will greatly benefit from reading the views of those on both sides of this matter. We of course hope the FCC will be more moved by the statements of those who favor commercial-free school buses.

Obligation has no idea how many bus drivers have received a financial benefit from BusRadio but we have reported on several contests (2) aimed at drivers. BusRadio employees have been photographed handing bus drivers American Express gift cards (below). BusRadio has been pressing $100 and $500 gift cards into the palms of bus drivers for a couple of reasons. They needed the drivers to be loyal to their company. They needed drivers to be playing their programming in order for BusRadio to maintain their ad revenue. They also needed drivers to be ready to help the company if called upon.


BusRadio’s David Briere and Clint Frost have no shame as they hand a $500 gift card to a Minnesota bus driver. How many drivers have received financial benefits from this Massachusetts company? We don’t know, but one thing we do know is no one who is commenting in favor of commercial-free school buses has been paid a penny. We hope the FCC takes that into consideration when reading what people say.

The spotlight of public scrutiny is about to light up this company. These photographs may come back to haunt the Kiddie Marketers at BusRadio.