When You Have BusRadio As Your Record Label, You Need A New Manager

June 11, 2009



Children compelled to listen to BusRadio’s programming probably think Bryant James is one of the biggest music stars in the country. His music is always being requested by some caller to the show. Children have heard "Superlove" and "Cruisin’ With My Lady" and "Shakedown" by Bryant James so many times they probably could recite the lyrics in their sleep.

Children also know he is a big star because BusRadio’s DJs have said he is.

Mr. James has recently made the Big Time by actually having his music available on Amazon.com. That’s where we learned something interesting about this celebrity.

Label: BusRadio

Copyright: 2009 BusRadio

It seems BusRadio owns this young man. They own his songs.

Let’s get this straight. BusRadio owns the Bryant James songs that they, BusRadio, make sure are played relentlessly on BusRadio’s show on school buses. It’s a little creepy and disturbing to think BusRadio has a financial interest in the success of certain artists featured on their radio shows.

Shouldn’t the consumers of BusRadio music be told about the relationship between BusRadio and Bryant James?