Looks Like A Duck, Sounds Like A Duck, Quacks Like A You-Know-What

June 14, 2009


xxxxxxx xxxxxx works hard to create the impression that BusRadio’s taped program is in real time.
If elementary school students believe BusRadio is real radio, why shouldn’t the Federal Communications Commission?

From Jim Metrock:

The audio clip below doesn’t sound like anything special. You’ll hear a very young girl call in and request "Superlove" by Bryant James. This request is no surprise. We now know that BusRadio owns a piece of Bryant James and the more airplay he gets the more money BusRadio may earn in the future if James’ career takes off. (Betting on Bryant James to become a star is what the music industry likes to call a "long, long, long shot.") We know the BusRadio DJ will always be letting the Bryant James "request" come through. Hey, you got to look after your own.

The girl requests the song and the DJ xxxxxxx xxxxxx says we’ll get it right on and then the song is heard on BusRadio. Keep with me.

After "Superlove" plays (we have cut out most of the song to save listeners some time), another caller requests a Miley Cyrus song. Mat the ever agreeable DJ honors the request and plays the song.

Everyone of us experiences media in our own unique way. What we know or don’t know affects how we consume any particular dose of media.

Children listening to this elementary school show on BusRadio hear what appears to be a regular radio station. There is a DJ. The DJ is asking listeners to call in to the station and request a favorite song or to make a "shout out" to friends. Listeners are calling in and requesting songs that are played immediately. BusRadio is giving the impression that this is a radio station just like other radio stations.

But it isn’t.

BusRadio is a taped show.

BusRadio is going to great effort to create an illusion of being real radio.

This audio clip is taken from the June 3, 2009 show. It was recorded THE DAY BEFORE – June 2. Every word the DJ utters on this clip was uttered the previous day. The callers requesting "Superlove" and the awful Miley Cyrus song are taped. Yet BusRadio’s DJs often lead children to believe the show is live.

Why is any of this important? It may be important because BusRadio is doing everything they can to make the consumers of their service believe and understand their programming to be regular radio programming. They are trying to fool 2nd and 1st graders and Kindergarten students. They are doing a good job of fooling them and other students.

Right now BusRadio is free to do whatever they want to do on their radio show because of a "loophole." Under the Communications Act of 1934, a company like BusRadio isn’t considered "radio." Since it doesn’t go over the airwaves like AM and FM and TV signals, BusRadio gets a pass. BusRadio uses the Internet to deliver its programming, therefore no oversight, no license requirements. It looks like its all fun and games for the kiddie marketers at BusRadio. There is no sheriff in BusRadio Town and it shows.

Does it even matter that they try to sound like a regular station? We don’t know. We post this clip only to show that kids may see BusRadio as a real time, real radio station just like any AM/FM station in their community.




AUDIO FILE: Two song requests taken by BR DJ xxxxxxx xxxxxx
June 3, 2009 – Elementary school PM show