Crestwood Beats Upper Darby

July 2, 2009

Below: This article is from the Crestwood School District web site. Notice the driver "faithfully" kept BusRadio’s programming on during her route. This has nothing to do with safety. The last part of the article is from BusRadio’s sales literature. This transportation department has made no attempt to inform parents and the public about the national controversy about BusRadio. Ms. Stoneberg, the driver, was a big help in promoting Nintendo and BusRadio, but is that part of her job?

The noise levels on a bus don’t drop like this article says. There is no proof that a bus ride is safer with BusRadio and there is real, documented evidence to suggest that BusRadio is inappropriately engaging bus drivers by aiming content directly at drivers to get their attention.

So Crestwood’s bus # 30 beat out Upper Darby’s bus 59. That’s nothing either school district should be bragging about. Parents in both these districts should be contacting their transportation directors to tell them to cut out these marketing stunts. A school bus is no place for these type of distracting and inappropriate contests. Obligation will make sure parents in these districts know more about BusRadio.


PS On June 27, Obligation wrote BusRadio at the email address they posted above – – to get a list of all the buses that entered this contest. We haven’t heard back from them. Surely BusRadio won’t keep this information from the public.