September 5, 2009

BusRadio’s radio show heard on school buses constantly tells kids to visit their web site Busradio.com when they get home. The site is one specially-targeted advertisement after another. Here is the top of their home page. BusRadio is now heavily promoting the Cartoon Network and a movie that will air on September 13. Even though BusRadio is marketing their site to children down to five years of age they still provide a button for them to leave BusRadio’s site and be sent to another web site. They do have a page that tells the child they are leaving the BusRadio site but within 10 seconds the child is automatically taken to the new site. Web sites that deal with elementary school children like Busradio.com should not be sending children off to advertiser’s web sites.

Below the Cartoon Network ad is an ad for a new movie coming to theaters soon. Part of the Bryant James ad is seen to the right. His song is called "Shakedown." BusRadio has a financial interest in Bryant James. BusRadio owns a piece of Mr. James and the kids have no clue why this man’s music is played so much on BusRadio. Even the search box above "Shakedown" is an ad. Notice: for example, "lauren de miranda." This is another "exclusive artist" for BusRadio that is being promoted to kids without full disclosure. Everything is an ad. A child doesn’t stand a chance at this site.