In Conclusion

September 12, 2009

If school officials read only one paragraph of the Federal Communications Commission’s investigative study on BusRadio it should be, of course, the conclusion above.

Obligation believes that the few school districts that currently have BusRadio should:

1. Suspend the playing of BusRadio’s programming on all buses.

2. Contact parents and provide them the link to the FCC report on BusRadio. This is the link:
This link should be put prominently on the district’s homepage and on each school’s web site. The public needs to be told that BusRadio is controversial. The public needs to have access to the pro and con arguments about BusRadio.

3. The school district then needs to listen to parents and other members of their community. School officials never go wrong by listening to the public, they do go terribly wrong when they fail to keep parents and the public informed, and when they don’t genuinely listen to the public’s concerns.


Over 85% of all public comments to the FCC were opposed to BusRadio. What school board member wants to put their personal reputation on the line for this marketing company?