New Advertiser: Cliff Notes

October 11, 2009

Channel One News is now trying to convince students to use Cliff Notes.

Cliff Notes of course are the historically quick way to learn enough to pass a test without actually reading the assigned book.

This is an irresponsible decision by Channel One’s executives. This had to have been approved by the only educator in upper management at Channel One, Dr. Paul Folkemer. Before he became a marketing executive, Dr. Folkemer used to be a middle school principal. One would think he would veto Cliff Note’s ads. Of course, one would have thought as a board member of MADD, Dr. Folkemer would have vetoed Channel One ads for movies and TV shows that promote underage drinking.


Dr. Paul Folkemer’s sorry history as a Channel One educator/kiddie marketer: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


Parents, you need to understand that the main purpose of Channel One News is to bring advertisements into a classroom setting. As long as this happens, Dr. Folkemer and the others at Channel One make money. Channel One is robbing students of important educational time. Don’t wait around for school administrators to end this nonsense, parents are the ones who have to demand Channel One be turned off for good.