Teen.com Is Extremely Controversial

November 10, 2009

Frame shot of Alloy/Channel One News ad for Teen.com. The ad features X-rated rapper Ludacris.


From Jim Metrock, president of Obligation, Inc.:

Click on the picture above and watch an actual commercial that ran in American classrooms. Students compelled to watch Channel One News are now getting a steady dose of ads urging them, pleading with them to go home after school and log onto the sleazy, raunchy Teen.com site, Channel One’s sister company. Teen.com heavily promotes racy TV shows and books like Gossip Girl.

Children see celebrities talking up Teen.com. Above, kids are told Teen.com has exclusive access to "cute" celebrities like David Aculeate and to vile ones like Ludacris.

Here’s a typical Ludacris song. This one is called "Get the F*** Back." It is one of Ludacris’s more gentle ballads.

Get the F*** Back
from the CD "Word Of Muff"

What the f***’s up!
DTP in this mother f***er
And for all ya’ll that don’t like it
Do one thing, get the f*** back
‘Cause all my niggas iz ready
Luda, 20, Fate, Shawna
Let’s show these mutha f***ers how we disturb the peace
Get the f*** back, bitch
[shooting and screaming in the background]

Get the f*** back!
Luda make your skull crack
Tuck that
Bitch, your whole town’s on my nutsack
Cuff that
Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that
What’s that
People gon’ die tonight…

[There is more to this song, but this shows the singer’s style.]

Most schools have no idea that Channel One News is promoting the extremely controversial Teen.com site to students. Few teachers watch the show. It is usually used as an electronic babysitter for students. If your child attends a school that still shows Alloy/Channel One News, it’s time for you to stand up and demand the end to Channel One News. Even if this commercial-laden TV show is being shown in homeroom, by removing it from the school day, homeroom can be made shorter and that 12 minutes a day, one hour a week, one instructional week of school a year can be added to academic time. What a concept! Less TV time and more academic time.