Britney Christian Milks Taxpayers To Promote Herself

November 12, 2009

Has Britney Christian played a concert at your child’s school?
Were you told academic time was being interrupted so Milk Rocks could promote milk consumption?
If so, the joke’s on your school.

[The picture of Britney with her arm up is from Milk Rocks. We placed her CD "Everthing to Me" in her hand to make the point that she is plugging her CD during her school concerts.]


From Jim Metrock:

Britney Christian? Ever heard of her? I hadn’t either until I learned about MilkMedia. (Milk Rocks is a part of MilkMedia.)

Ms. Christian is a singer who wants to be a star. She has every right to pursue her dreams, but she has no right to use taxpayer-funded schools and taxpayer-funded school time to promote her act.

Here’s the story: MilkMedia is an advertising/marketing company that puts ads on the sides of school milk cartons and stages concerts at schools. If you have a movie or TV show to advertise, MilkMedia will put your ad copy on children’s school milk cartons. If a child wants milk they HAVE to see the ad. Advertisers love this setup.

Singers who want to get quickly known just have to become a "Milk Rocks" spokesperson and they get a free ticket to a captive audience of young people.

Why do schools go along with this obvious in-school marketing scheme? Well, it’s real simple and real dumb. As long as the advertised product on the milk carton mentions "milk" then it’s not about the movie or TV show being advertised. It’s all about drinking more milk. How silly of you and I to think otherwise.

The singer likewise gets a free pass into the school if "milk banners" are hung up and if the singer mentions everybody should drink more milk. MilkMedia is quick to say Britney Christian is primarily promoting milk, not herself. Hogwash. She is using MILK as a smokescreen so she can play concerts DURING SCHOOL TIME.

Here is Ms. Christian’s concert schedule (as of Nov. 12):

As you can tell Britney Christian is far from being a superstar. Her gigs are middle schools. This would normally be embarrassing for a singer, but Ms. Christian doesn’t have to earn any of these audiences. Students will be told to report to the gym to hear a young singer promote milk consumption. She doesn’t have to worry about an almost empty arena. The seats will be packed and this singer will have an opportunity to expose thousands of kids to her music – all on government time. Every second of her concert has been paid for by taxpayers. This makes me mad. How about you?

Ms. Christian probably does mention that milk in her concert but so what? She is still doing a very wrong thing and hopefully young people will think unfavorably of Britney Christian when they know what she is doing.

Now let’s go to the photos.

Ms. Christian is the spokesperson for Milk Rocks. Her job is to get kids to drink more milk.

From Ms. Christian’s web site:

Where’s the milk? That’s a bottle of water.
This is not an all-day concert. It’s probably one class period long.
Couldn’t Ms. Christian at least have a milk carton for display purposes?


This young person has what’s being promoted by the Milk Rocks concert: BC’s CD.


Doggone it. She forgot the milk again.
This is a different Milk Rocks concert. Hey, high-priced, bottled water really rocks!
Are we starting to see the scam here?


Look at this audience. Few to none of these students know who this singer is.
This concert is probably a mandatory school assembly. Detention if you don’t show up.
Her manager is a lot smarter than the principal of this school.


No! No! Another Milk Rocks concert autograph signing and no milk.
You can tell by the tables and Ms. Christian’s clothes that these signings are at different locations.
You can barely see it, but there is a bottle of water to her left.
An adult’s body is made up of roughly 70% water.
75% of the world’s surface is covered with water.



OK, let’s ease up on Britney Christian. She may indeed be the spokesperson for Milk Rocks! because she genuinely wants young people to drink more milk. She may well be totally uninterested in promoting herself. Oh, that may be a byproduct of her work to increase milk consumption, but that’s secondary. Maybe, just maybe, Britney Christian is going from one middle school to another at a great sacrifice to herself to get every child who will listen to her to throw away that soft drink and pick up a carton of milk.


Look at Britney’s homepage below. The first thing she mentions is the main thing she has going for herself.
"Hundreds of millions of milk cartons a year featuring her name and picture. Over 70,000 fans on her myspace page. A tour schedule that takes her into schools all over the country."

Britney Christian (by the way not a Christian Music artist) should be escorted out of every school she tries to enter. School time is too precious. Britney, earn your success without using people’s tax money and wasting children’s school time.