Channel One Advertises Edgy Degrassi Show To Preteens

January 13, 2010

These three actors from the Degrassi TV show push the envelope in so many ways that showing American classrooms a little clevage is nothing.

Alloy’s Channel One News is all about pushing the envelope with teens and preteens.  Above you see three actors from Degrassi- The Next Generation opening Channel One’s show and giving their controversial TV show a plug.

Degrassi is from Canada.  Several episodes that had pro-abortion themes have been edited or unaired on U.S. TV.  Abortion seems to be a very important subject for the writers of this show.

Channel One has been plugging Degrassi for nearly a year to American teens and preteens.  Degrassi’s favorite and most notorious subject is gay rights and the gay lifestyle.  A major character is gay and children watch as he falls in love with another male classmate.  The producers of the show are very open about their desire to change young people’s thinking about the gay lifestyle.   Channel One News is not only advertising Degrassi in the classroom, but also on their website.

A video clip: c1guesthostsoct09

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