Lesbian Prom Story Get High Profile On Channel One News

March 12, 2010

This article was on the front page of Channel One News’ website (March 12, 2010) which has visitors from high school-age to elementary school-age.   Channel One News has been passionate in its efforts to expose children to stories about the gay lifestyle, gay marriage, trials concerning gay issues, and student protests about gay issues. Now it serves up a long AP story about two young lesbians in one small Mississippi town.

Here is a video from a few years back where Channel One News asks students down to the fifth grade to vote on whether people of the same sex should be allowed to marry. http://www.obligation.org/movies/C1N%20Gay%20Story%20for%20Preteens.mov

Remember that Channel One News, the in-school TV show, is often forced upon children by the Channel One contract.  Students are sometimes punished if they refuse to watch Channel One News.  Obligation’s president Jim Metrock said, “Unfortunately, we have a lot of lazy school administrators in our country. These administrators don’t give Channel One’s content chooses a second thought.  If they previewed the show before showing it to their students, they would understand why parents are upset when they find out about Channel One News.  Some stories that may be appropriate for an older audience are not appropriate for other ages.  That is something Channel One News has never, ever understood.  It would cost them too much money to have different newscasts for different age groups.  The bottom line dictates a ‘one-size-fits-all” approach. It’s sad.”

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