What A Waste

April 4, 2010

This video is from the December 1, 2009 Channel One News program.

Channel One News is suppose to be about news, current events. That was the promise made to schools. Channel One however can’t afford to report much news. Instead they fill their “news” program with “filler” stories like this one. Nothing in this story will help one student pass a high school exit exam.
This story is 3 minutes long. Obligation estimates 3 million students are forced to watch C1N on any one day. 3 minutes x 3,000,000 = 150,000 lost student hours. And that is just ONE story.

Channel One’s home state of New York has always outlawed Channel One News mainly because it is primarily about advertising and therefore inappropriate for schools serious about education. There are many other reasons Channel One has lost 25% of its schools since 2002. Wasting instructional time is reason enough for teachers to turn this TV program off.

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