10-K Spells Out Ugliness Of Channel One

April 12, 2010

From Alloy’s annual 10-K report published April 12, 2010:

We believe our business should continue to grow as we strive to capitalize on the following key assets:

� Broad Access. We are able to reach a significant portion of targeted consumers by: (i) producing a wide range of college guides, books and recruitment publications; (ii) owning and operating over 41,000 display media boards on college and high school campuses throughout the United States; (iii) placing advertising in over 3,000 college and high school newspapers; (iv) distributing educational programming to approximately 8,000 secondary schools in the United States;

[Obligation’s comment: This paragraph is talking about reaching “targeted consumers.”  With Channel One News, Alloy can target teens and preteens with little fear of parental objections.]

(v) maintaining and expanding our ability to execute large scale promotional service programs; and (vi) utilizing our national in-store advertising and display network comprising approximately 7,900 grocery and other high volume stores.

� Established Franchises. Our principal marketing franchises are well-known by market consumers and by advertisers. For advertisers, Alloy Media + Marketing, the umbrella name for all of our media and marketing brands, as well as many of our company-owned brands have a history in creating and implementing advertising and marketing programs primarily targeting the youth market. Our Alloy Entertainment franchise is widely recognized as a developer of original books, with a number of books developed into television series and feature films.

[Note: Channel One News is considered a “marketing franchise.”  Channel One is part of Alloy’s Media segment.   Parents and educators need to understand that Channel One is not primarily an educational concern nor is it primarily a journalistic concern.  Channel One News has a “history of creating and implementing advertising and marketing programs primarily targeting the youth market.”  Channel One News is a kiddie marketing concern.]

� Strong Relationship with Advertisers and Marketing Partners. We strive to provide advertisers and our marketing partners with highly targeted, measurable and effective means to reach their target market. Our seasoned advertising sales force has established strong relationships with youth and non-youth marketers.

[Yuck. Alloy gains the attention of teens and preteens and then sells that attention to the highest bidder.]

� Content. We are able to successfully develop original, commercial entertainment properties primarily geared toward teens, young adults and families. These properties typically begin as a book property and are subsequently developed into television series, feature films or web series.

[The books and TV shows Alloy is talking about here are often unbelievably sleazy.  Teen sex and teen drug and alcohol use is normalized in Alloy’s reckless “properties” like Gossip Girl. Channel One News has helped promote Gossip Girl to millions of kids.]

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