Talent Partners

April 14, 2010

Do parents really want “some of the biggest names in music and entertainment” to “connect” with their children during school time?

For Richard Long, president of Milk Media/Milk Rocks, making that connection is vital to his company’s financial future.

His company provides record companies a unique way to promote their new talent.  If a singer or group is willing to mention “milk” and “calcium” a few times during their performance, Milk Rocks can get them a “gig” at a public school – during school time.  How sweet is that?  If you are a record executive, it doesn’t get better than this.

Milk Rocks says they provides “massive exposure” for musical acts.  That’s exposure can only happen if schools continue to open up their doors to this kiddie marketing firm.

Wasting school time to help the Milk Media/Milk Rocks company make a killing off of captive audiences of schoolchildren has to end.

When parents and educators read about a Milk Rocks concert they should call it what it really is.  For example the “Milk Rocks Concert Tour featuring Britany Christian” was really nothing other than the “Britney Christian Concert Tour sponsored by Milk Rocks advertisers.”

Milk Rocks seeks to use taxpayer-funded school time to help promote unknown musical groups.  This company has the nerve to tell recording companies that new artists can use children’s school time to “hone their skills.”  Really, Mr. Long?

Milk Rocks concert tours are not about increasing sales of milk; they’re about increasing the sales of CDs.