Channel One starts out dirty.

August 13, 2010

This sleazy movie gets prominent exposure at the top of Channel One News’ home page.

Channel One News is encouraging kids to see the filthy, hard-PG13 movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Once again, freelance writer and Channel One movie “reviewer” Christa Fletcher is talking straight to middle schoolers as if she is their best friend recommending a sweet little movie.  She makes this article look like a review but her writing is nothing but a thinly disguised advertisement.

Channel One News: “Even the online trailer is awesome, with interactive movie features and gaming capabilities. We’re pumped to find out what cool things the movie will have in store”

“Promised to be filled with laughs, quirky comic book moves and some epic battles against the bad guys, we’re thinking Scott, his rock band and quest for love, will do more than fulfill your need for a night of comedy — it’s also a great excuse to ask the girl or boy of your dreams out to a Friday night flick.”

This movie that Channel One News is so thrilled about won’t thrill parents.  It is filled with profanity, sexual content (including plenty of gay/lesbian sexual content), and considerable drinking and drug content.

This is the first movie of the new school year that Channel One is endorsing for kids down to age ten (even lower on the web) and it would be difficult to find a more offensive PG13 movie.

We don’t think Channel One’s Christa Fletcher even bothered to see the movie.  She is probably only familiar with the material put out by the movie studio. The same movie studio that is paying Channel One to get kids to see this cultural rot.

“Cultural rot”? Too harsh?  You be the judge. Here is just a little bit of the actual content of the film as reported by

“You didn’t bang her? Are you gay?”

“I was a little bi-curious” (The movie is about Ramona’s ex-lovers coming back to fight her new boyfriend Scott. One of her ex-lovers was Roxy.)

“Sloppy seconds,” (Said by the gay roommate of the main character.)

“I gotta pee on her.”

Ten instances of the f-word. (Oddly this word is bleeped out every time but the meaning is conveyed to viewers.)  The S-word is used four times (not bleeped out). There is much more foul language.

There is a scene where Roxy, Ramona’s former lesbian lover, is about to strike Scott. Ramona tells Scott where to touch her, behind the knee, to make her orgasm and stop fighting Scott.

Wallace, Scott’s gay roommate gets upset when Scott comes into the room when he (Wallace) is in bed with a male lover.  Wallace says that Scott must have seen the man in his bed and his “junk”(genitals).

And of course the movie normalizes and glorifies getting drunk.

There is so much more trash from this movie.  How can Channel One News do this to kids?  Rhetorical.  They have done it a lot over the years. rating on this movie’s content:
Alcohol/Drugs: HEAVY
Disrespectful/Bad Attitude: EXTREME
Profanity: HEAVY
Sex/Nudity: HEAVY
Violence: HEAVY

How can the clueless Christa Fletcher accept payment for churning out such irresponsible garbage on a kid’s web site?  It’s no surprise that Channel One continues to lose schools.

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