Cell phone vices.

September 14, 2010

Last year, this commercial ran on Channel One News both in high schools and middle schools.
What’s the man looking at that makes him laugh? Since the commercial is all about cell phone vices is he looking at an indecent picture?  He tells kids that any cell phone can cause people to develop certain “vices.” Oh, really?  Does any parent or teacher want Channel One News to be talking this way to young people?
This actor assumes viewers know exactly what he means by “vices.”  Is he talking about “sexting”? Is he talking about using a cell phone camera to take embarrassing pictures of others?  He is talking about ruining someone’s reputation by texting falsehoods to friends?  Why are cell phone vices funny?
This is a commercial for an LG cell phone called Versa.  Students are told that the Versa has risks over and above the normal risks of owning other cell phones.  Why would Channel One News approve such a commercial for children down to age 10?  The answer is they just don’t care.  If this ad makes Channel One money, then that is all that matters.
Students are then told to go to lgversa.com and tell the company “your Versa vice.” Good grief.
Commercials like this are just one of many reasons why Channel One News has lost 1/3 of their schools since 2003.



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