Anniston Star article: Ineligible receivers?

October 18, 2010

October 17, 2010

Ineligible receivers? Children’s advocate wants legislators to take a pass on free Iron Bowl tix

The Anniston Star
by Laura Camper

Each year, the host of the Iron Bowl sends to Alabama’s legislators and government officials hundreds of free tickets to the Auburn-Alabama football game. The goal is to persuade the holders of the purse strings to visit whichever campus is hosting the game that year.

One Alabama man is fighting to end the practice.

Jim Metrock, president of Obligation Inc., a Birmingham-based advocacy group for children, saw an article about the ticket giveaway and thought it was wrong.

“I can’t say that that was news to me, but it just struck me,” he said. “They only receive this personal enrichment because of the office they hold, and that’s, that’s creepy. That’s not a good thing.”

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