Oh yeah, buy this video game.

February 6, 2011


Channel One News is a cesspool of commercials. There are regular commercials, there are commercials that appear to be news stories, there are feature stories that are nothing but promotional videos, there are guest hosts plugging products, etc.
At the end of the November 30, 2010 Channel One News program students hear this voice-over telling them the feature story they just watched was brought to them by NIntendo’s Golden Sun, Dark Dawn video game.
It’s one last ad before the show goes off.  Channel One News is cramming ads into every part of the show.  This is a company that is desperate for cash.  Channel One News cratered in 2007 and it is not much better now.  More ads mean more money.  The old contractual limit of no more than two minutes of advertising per daily show is all but forgotten.
This game costs between $35 and $44.
Why is a school advertising expensive video games to students during school time?  That’s because schools have no control over Channel One’s content.  Schools don’t get to approve what is pitched to their students.
Students are seeing this ad on November 30 for a reason.  Time to nag mom and dad before Christmas comes around.

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