A Beastly thing to do.

March 3, 2011

From Jim Metrock:

Every commercial for a movie in a public school classroom IS ugly.

Above is part of the Channelone.com web advertising campaign for the new PG-13 movie Beastly.  Channel One News of course also ran promotions for the movie on their in-school TV program.

The movie is inappropriate for many middle school students. One can read about the content of the movie at Screenit.com.

I saw the movie and although it doesn’t contain some of the wild drug, teen drinking, and sexual references of other Channel One News advertised movies, it deserved it PG-13 rating.

Whether a movie is bad or good, silly or brilliant, movie studios should find another way to advertise their movies to young people. A classroom is not the proper place for Hollywood to be plugging their films. ¬†Unfortunately too many school principals,superintendents, and school board members have an attitude of “anything goes” during the school day. ¬†That’s why Channel One News is still around in 2011.

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