1/2 of show promotes largest advertiser: US Army

March 29, 2011

Video was removed due to complaint filed by Channel One News. 


Channel One News is contractually limited to have no more than 2 minutes a day of advertising, but on this day, they devote over 5 and a half minutes, of a 12-minute program, to promoting their most important advertiser — the U S Army.

In the first clip from the Jan 10, 2011 program soldiers welcome students to Channel One.  At the first commercial break students watch a regular Army recruitment commercial, and then the last part of the program is totally devoted to a “news” story about a program the Army has instituted to help soldiers coming back from the war.  Thefact that this story, which is little more than a long promotional piece, is running on a day the Army has a recruitment ad on the show is no coincidence.

47% of this Channel One show is dealing with making the US Army attractive to middle and high school students..  I don’t know if you can say the Army paid for this news story, but Channel One News is obviously giving their main advertiser, The Army, a special benefit.  This is not a rare occurrence. Channel One News has a history of combining advertisements with their “news” and feature stories.

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