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May 5, 2011


New Facebook page Musicians That Advertise On Channel One News


From Jim Metrock:

For the last several years Channel One News has been aggressively plugging new music acts on its classroom TV show. Hear It Now is what they call their feature that introduces rock and rap bands and solo artists to their captive audience of secondary school students.

I have read more than a few postings from students on various social media sites blasting Channel One for forcing these unknown bands on them.

My concern isn’t that some students don’t like these artists, but rather that any musician is being advertised in public school classrooms.

What Obligation wants to do is call these musicians out so the public can see who they are.  Students will do the rest by word of mouth.

I knew that some of these acts probably didn’t pay Channel One, but I thought that some probably did pay for the publicity.  I now have reason to believe that NONE of these acts have paid Channel One News a penny.  A commercial that isn’t paid for is still a commercial.

These musicians knew what they were doing. Channel One may have sought them out to be featured on Hear It Now and although they didn’t hand over cash the musicians knew that school time would be taken up promoting their music. These artists are lending their name and music to Channel One to make this kiddie marketing company look trendy and cool.

Musicians being featured on Channel One News should demand that Channel One remove any mention of their name on and that no future commercials for their music be aired in classrooms.

Musicians don’t like to be ridiculed and that is what they risk staying with Channel One News. As I’ve said before, high school students look down on Channel One News as a middle school show. Artists appearing on Channel One probably come across as losers to many high school students.  I think the presumption among music savvy high schoolers would be that any musician desperate enough to be using Channel One News in their marketing scheme has got to be really hard up.


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