They’re outta here.

June 5, 2011

On June 4 this was posted on Channel One’s Facebook page.

The lazy, pretend journalists at Channel One News have no interest in doing their TV show during the summer or for that matter on any weekend or holiday.  They could easily provide young people with an up-to-the-minute news show on their website (unlike their stale, day-old, taped show shown in schools), but since young people aren’t a captive audience at home Channel One can’t make the big advertising money so… they’re “outta here.”

Channel One’s primary purpose is to help their advertisers NOT inform young people. Channel One is a marketing company that specializes in showing advertisements to a captive audience of secondary school students. When young people are not compelled (by force of Channel One’s contract) to watch their show, they won’t watch their show. That’s the simple truth. Channel One understands that and that is why they close down shop each summer.

So Jessica Kumari, Steven Lipsowski aka Steven Fabian, Justin Finch, and Shelby Holliday are off on their “summer break.” Good riddance to these commercial exploiters of schoolchildren. Usually after a few years Channel One’s on-air personalities leave for another job. They hope to find work with a legitimate news gathering organization. However, these four have compromised themselves so much this year by using their positions to help plug their advertisers that it’s a pretty safe bet – if Channel One News is still in business in August – they will all be back.


June 5 – Above: Screen shot from  “Headlines” mean cut-and-paste AP wire stories that are automatically fed to Channel One’s website.  Everybody has left the building. There is always a risk to turning off the lights for several months and that is there may not be enough money to turn the lights back on.  One can only wish.

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