What a “non-ad” looks like.

June 15, 2011

This is the intro for the February 28, 2011 Channel One News show. To everybody with walking around sense this is a commercial for the animated movie Rango. Channel One says this is not a commercial. They say they are simply using a current movie and a starring actress to grab the attention of students so they watch the show and learn about current events. (Control your laughter.)

To understand why Channel One executives would say something so strange, one has to understand that Channel One can’t call this an advertisement because then they would be in violation of their contract. (A contract they alone wrote.)
Channel One is limited to no more than 2 minutes of commercials and public service announcements. In virtually every show this past school year, Channel One News has had more than two minutes of commercial time.

By calling an obvious commercial a “non-commercial” they solve the problem.

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