Was it worth trading 12 minutes of school time for this?

June 16, 2011

This is an entire Channel One News show.

Notice how little news there is on the show.

There is a long story about a school changing their grading system. There is a student-produced story. There is coverage of the Academy Awards. There is a basketball play as the Play of the Week.  In short there is little that will help any student score higher on any achievement exam. This show does not support the curriculum of any school. No teacher knows what is going to be on a show until it is delivered early in the morning via satellite.

In the early 90’s, Channel One News sold itself as a news program for young people. Because of severe financial problems since 2000, the company has had to save money by adding “filler” material to each program.  Feature stories about a teen doing something for the community or other stories that have a long “shelf life” and can be shown at any time are routine fare on the show nowadays.

There is very little that is “current” about Channel One News. These filler stories are much cheaper to produce so that’s what students mainly see on the show.

This particular program also shows why Channel One News is hurting for money. National advertisers have run from this program. Whenever there is a public service announcement on Channel One that means a full-paying advertiser could not be found for that slot.Even the musical artists featured on Hear It Now often do not pay Channel One News for their commercials.  As of June 2011, Channel One News has to be a major drain of the profitability of its new owner ZelnickMedia makers of the ultra-violent Grand Thief Auto video game.


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