Damaged goods

June 23, 2011

Shelby Holliday, Steven "Fabian" Lipsowski, Jessica Kumari, Justin Finch


From Jim Metrock:

On June 3, Channel One News ended their 2010-11 broadcast year. They ended a week early to save money. The company is strapped for cash. (The idea that they would continue to tape their show for youth interested in the news during the summer?? absolutely not gonna happen.)

The four on-air personalities were on hand to wave goodbye to the students who were forced to watch them this year. The gang is all smiles.  They are sooo happy.

They all say they will be back, but the lucky ones will find work at legitimate news organization.  Jessica Kumari is the best of this bunch, but appears to have a sorry agent. A good agent would have gotten her off Channel One three years ago.

I think it’s a no-brainer that Shelby Holliday and Steven Fabian will return. Fabian is beginning to look like a Channel One “lifer.”  If Justin Finch doesn’t leave Channel One this summer, he’ll settle in to being a fixture at this youth marketing company.

There is a reason Fabian, Kumari, and Finch have been at Channel One News so long. To varying degrees they are “damaged goods.” That’s what happens when you exploit schoolchildren for too long.

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