Complete, unedited Channel One News April 6, 2011

July 2, 2011

ChanneL One News rebroadcasts their in-classroom TV show on their website They however heavily edit the show so no one in the public can see the commercials in their two daily commercial breaks. Each break is one-minute long and each normally contains two 30-second ads.

Obligation is committed to making unedited versions of Channel One News available for the public. Our access to Channel One’s programs are limited, but we will be going back to previous years to publish shows to help complete the record on this teen marketing company.

These unedited programs can be valuable to academic institutions that are studying Channel One’s content. The main ones who will benefit will be parents and other taxpayers in communities that still have the program playing in their schools.

It is obvious that Channel One News does not want the public to see the commercial sections they cut out of their web rebroadcasts. The public have a right to know what is being advertised to children, especially since taxpayer-funded school time is involved.

Also, although Channel One publishes their edited show, the company quickly takes down the shows after a few days. So if a student delays five days telling his or her parents about something they saw on Channel One News, the show has already been taken down and parents can’t see what their child was talking about.

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