Avon Middle School North, Avon, Indiana

October 15, 2011

2nd Nominee for our Wastin’ Time and Tax Dollars Award


From Jim Metrock:

Obligation, Inc. has instituted an award that will “honor” public schools that show Channel One News and its commercials during the school day.

The award is called the Wastin’ Time & Tax Dollars Award.  Obligation will nominate public middle schools and high schools that are showing movie commercials and other advertising to students while they sit in their classrooms.  A winner will be chosen from the nominated schools.  The award will be given out four times during the school year so schools that waste time and money have FOUR chances to win each year.

The winning school will receive a certificate and a cash prize of $250. In order to receive the cash prize, all the school district needs to do is allow Obligation time at a regularly scheduled school board meeting to make a public presentation to one of these three:  1. The school board president, 2. The district superintendent, or 3. The school principal.

Some would say $250 is not much money for such an award. True, but the schools that will be in the running for this honor are schools that have little concept of the value of money.

Our first nominee was Lardner Middle School in Niles, Michigan. Avon Middle School North is the second nominee. Congrats.

If school administrators think Channel One is a super deal for their taxpayers and students, then they will go crazy over the chance to receive not $100, no not $150, and not $200 but TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!

Good luck to all you “Channel One schools.”


Dr. Tim Ogle is the Superintendent for Avon Community School Corp. He has allowed his secondary schools to waste taxpayer funds by showing movie commercials during the school day.


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