Sharon “Swan” Song

October 18, 2011

Sharon "Swan" Song - The last name in Channel One reporters.


From Jim Metrock:

Now we know who in the world would answer Channel One’s want ad below.  This ad was published in late August so Channel One was desperate to replace somebody as the broadcast year had already begun. Turns out two on-air personalities were leaving: Steven Fabian and Justin Finch.

I don’t know what Justin Finch is going to do in Florida, but Steven Fabian’s new job shows that working for Channel One News is not necessarily a launch pad for a better job. Fabian has a job with a syndicated TV show called Right This Minute. They replay YouTube videos and other visual videos and comment on them. Whoa, that’s awesome. Below is a screen shot of Mr. Fabian reacting to a video of a two-year-old Chinese child being hit by a truck. Yes, that’s the type of thing his new TV show does.

Nice reaction shot of Steven Fabian watching child get seriously injured. It looks as if Fabian's agent (if he has one) has found him a job as unsavory in its own way as Channel One's.


If there is a talent agent who is worse than Mr. Fabian’s it has to be Ms. Song’s (if she has one).

Here’s the ad that must have attracted Ms. Song’s attention.  She left a legitimate news job in Billings, MT for Channel One News.


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