Time to busta Channel One News

December 13, 2011


From Jim Metrock:

Google wants kids to know about its new Google Music service. So they figured advertising on Channel One is a good thing.  As you can see Channel One News has approved a Google Music ad which offers a free download of “Why Stop Now” by the rapper Busta Rhymes.

This song contains explicit lyrics. Busta Rhymes is notorious for his vulgar lyrics.

This again shows the problems Channel One has trying to be all things for an age group that goes from elementary school students to high school seniors.  Channel One should have told Google to pick a different song as a free download, but Channel One is historically insensitive to its youngest students in middle school and now in elementary school.

Busta Rhymes? Some of his big hits include “What the F*** You Want?” and “You Ain’t F***in’ Wit Me.”

Children who listen to “Why Stop Now” will hear the song start off with these lyrics:

Turn my f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up
Turn my f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up
Turn my f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up
Turn my f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up, f***ing beat up

Then the song gets worse.

Channel One has put this ad featuring Busta Rhymes’s “Why Stop Now” in the most prominent position on their children’s website. It’s the top banner ad on their home page. Did anyone at Channel One check on the song Google Music is offering kids as a free download? Sure they did. All the employees who work in the studio and on the website are young and indeed they boast about their knowledge of current music. Earlier this year they had a video on the Channelone.com site that showed an intern going around asking the on-air personalities what they had on their iPods. The answers the anchors and reporters gave were shocking. Much of the music they claimed they loved to listen to was raunchy songs with explicit lyrics. Adriana Diaz coyly looked into the camera (which she knew was going to be seen by very young children) and said she loved the Cee Lo Green song which she couldn’t say the name of. She was communicating with the young viewers that she loved the song “F*** You.” Ha Ha. Real funny, Ms. Diaz and Channel One.

We have asked Channel One’s VP Dr. Paul Folkemer and CEO Kent Haehl to immediately remove this ad. 

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