Revisiting National College and Channel One News

December 16, 2011

From Jim Metrock:

I wrote recently about Channel One advertising the career college National College.

Any company that supports Channel One’s exploitation of schoolchildren should come under criticism.  BUT, I have to back off my comments about National College.

I received a letter and other information ( 2011 National College letters Dec 7 2011 ) from National College explaining how their ad showed up on Channel One’s website. They had no intention of being on Channel One’s controversial website. Their ad was part of a Google Ad program that rotates ads on various sites that Google chooses, not National College. So the company didn’t know the ads were being featured on That makes sense.  National College says the ads on will soon cease. Good for National College.

I wrote that National College was controversial just like Channel One. That was an overstatement on my part. I wrote that based on a lawsuit filed against National College by the Kentucky Attorney General. National College has presented me with information that casts doubt on the actions of the Attorney General. (In Alabama we are very familiar with State Attorneys General taking action for political purposes.) I have scanned several letters from National College so readers can read their comments.

National College also sent me about 50 pages of petitions signed by over 700 students supporting an Open Letter from National College to the Attorney General of Kentucky. I pass that along too, but I only included the first page of signatures. 2011 National College Open Letter signed by over 700 students

As more and more advertisers drop off there will be more and more Google-supplied ads. The problem parents have is there no obvious way to determine which companies contracted directly with Channel One.  Ideally, soon the Google ad service will consider off limits for any advertiser.



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