Advertising Tintin in classrooms is Dumbdumb

December 18, 2011

Channel One TV sets come on automatically in classrooms. As the TV flickers to life, students lift their heads from their books to see this movie promotion. High achieving schools would never allow this nonsense to happen.

Precious seconds of school time are lost as Channel One News begins its December 12, 2011 “current events” show with a countdown promoting the new movie Tintin.

Columbia Pictures paid good money to Channel One to tease students with their new Steven Spielberg movie coming out December 21. ¬†We are sure that students are also watching full Tintin movie commercials during Channel One’s two commercial breaks, but Channel One continues to black out the commercial breaks from their web rebroadcast so we can’t show them to you.

These still frames are taken from the Channel One News program.


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