What are the odds?

June 5, 2013

chances they return May 2013


From Jim Metrock:

There are four remaining anchors at Channel One News.  In May, Jessica Kumari left the company, leaving Julian Dujarric, Maggie Rulli, Shelby Holliday, and Scott Evans.

Summer is the time for Channel One employees, if they can, to find work elsewhere and leave behind the controversial, youth marketing company. I usually take a guess at who will be back and who won’t. Last year, I fared badly.

Julian Dujarric has only been an anchor for this school year. He could easily become a long-timer at Channel One if he stays, but he looks ambitious so it’s 50/50 he stays.

I think Maggie Rulli won’t return. She may never become a real reporter, but she has the “Marie Menounos” factor with her looks and bubbly personality. She will be the most successful of these four anchors by far. Staying another year at a sinking company might make her lose her ever-present smile.

Shelby Holliday looks happy doing what she’s doing. Like last year, I give her a 100% chance of coming back.  Ms. Holliday appears to have no qualms about using her anchor position to help sell advertisers’ products. She’s a perfect fit for Channel One News.

Scott Evans, formerly a PR guy for the Indiana Pacer’s NBA basketball team, is an engaging presence on the TV screen. As Channel One keeps losing their audience, the company will need animated, enthusiastic, on-air people like Mr. Evans. He’s been an anchor for two years. He’ll be staying.

If you think I am being rough on these young anchors, think again about what these four do: They are paid to put a happy face on an ugly business enterprise. Channel One converts children’s school time into marketing time. As long as students waste time watching classroom commercials, these anchors get paid. What these four did this past school year stinks.


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