“Who are your sponsors?”

July 19, 2013


From Jim Metrock:

Who are the advertisers on Channel One News?  Parents want to know, educators and school administrators want to know.Taxpayers of course want to know what companies are using taxpayer-funded school time to sell to students. In short the public wants to know. The public has always wanted to know, but Channel One has historically been very secretive about their advertisers.

Indeed Channel One knows everyone is concerned with their advertising, because in their Channeone.com FAQ section the company asks themselves “Who are your sponsors?”

From Channelone.com's FAQ July 18, 2013.

From Channelone.com’s FAQ July 18, 2013.

Notice I clicked on “Who are your sponsors?” and a line appears not with the answer to the question but with a hyperlink to a different page with the answer. Clicking on “our sponsors here” I came to this below:

Our sponsors July 18 2013

You see “Our Partners and Sponsors” in huge headline type and then in two absolutely worthless paragraphs they say nothing.

This is so Channel One News: A promise of transparency, then nothing but gibberish and non-information.

Let’s try to understand this: Channel One asked the question (“Who are your sponsors?) in their FAQ section and then refuse to answer their own question. They refused to give the name of even one advertiser. 

If you read the first paragraph and then remember Channel One’s advertising campaign this spring time pushing the junk drink SunnyD on students, you would have a hard time figuring out how advertising sugary SunnyD helps encourage young people to be capable, global citizens in a digital world

Today I emailed Channel One Director of Communications Ms. Alex Honeysett for a list of Channel One advertisers for this coming school year. Keep your fingers cross that we might get an answer to that burning question: Who are your sponsors?


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