Yuck. Channel One News advertising PG13 movies to preteens.

August 23, 2013

C1 Mortal Instruments Aug 2013

From Jim Metrock:

Those lovable youth marketers at Channel One are back at it.

It’s just August and they are advertising age-inappropriate movies to children. This is standard fare for Channel One. They have done it every year since 1996 when I started to research and report on the company. There was some hope that the new CEO Ms. C.J. Kettler might steer the company on a more responsible course, but it’s looking like she is just a new face doing the same old things.

I have asked Channel One for the names of advertisers, but they won’t release that information. I don’t know what is being advertised on the classroom TV show Channel One News because Channel One continues to edit out all commercials from their web rebroadcast. As you can see, Ms. Kettler is making it extremely difficult for parents and the public to know what is being advertised to students.

Channel One’s official website Channelone.com does give an indication of what is being advertised in classrooms.  The image above shows a background ad for a new movie called The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and a separate ad at the bottom that starts as a video movie trailer and ends with the image you see which is a link to the movie website.

I have never seen Channel One advertise a movie on their website that isn’t also advertised on Channel One News.

Channel One shouldn’t be advertising movies to students during their school time. That is not the purpose of taxpayer-funded school time.  

Most certainly, Channel One should not be advertising PG-13 movies to preteens. There is no justification for that.

High school students, middle school students and now elementary school students visit Channelone.com. Channel One constantly promotes their website to middle school students during their classroom TV show Channel One News. The adults at Channel One know exactly what they are doing. They are doing everything in their power to advertise this PG-13 movie to underage children. 

Here’s is yet another reason for the few remaining schools that still have a relationship with Channel One to seriously reconsider that relationship.

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