How C.J. Kettler turned a reporter into a huckster.

October 3, 2013

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From Jim Metrock: This is getting painful, even for me. Jessica Kumari is around the age of my sons and I hate to see someone damaging their career at such a young age by doing something that is utterly moronic.

Ms. Kumari, why are you doing Nintendo ads on Channel One? 

It might be a little less obnoxious if you were doing commercials in a different venue, but to come back to Channel One News and appear to the same audience you were in front of for six years is just nasty. You are playing a dirty trick on students and you know exactly what you are doing.

Students saw you every morning telling them about news stories around the world. Students had a sense that what you were telling them was truthful. They knew you wouldn’t lie to them. You would tell students that various things happened in the world and they knew that you wouldn’t have said that if those things didn’t indeed happen.

For six years you told students facts. The students got use to you (after all they had to be shown Channel One News or they would lose their TV sets!).

Nintendo saw a perfect pitch person in you. Students trusted you. They believed in you. You wouldn’t lead them astray. 

All you had to do was learn a script and say “Nice!” at the right time and Nintendo knew they were going to sell a bunch of video games. Shame on you, Ms. Kumari. You have fallen fairly far in a fairly short period of time.


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