Cartoon Network’s Stuart Synder wastes your tax money to promote his cable network during school time.

October 13, 2013

Cartoon Network President Oct 2 2013 C1

Cartoon Network president talking straight to Channel One students. Although he is talking about a program on bullying, his main purpose is to promote his network.

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This is a screen shot from Channel One’s TV show. The “CN” logo fills up the classroom TV screen. Why are taxpayers subsidizing the marketing of the Cartoon Network to students? During school time?


From Jim Metrock:

You would think Time Warner wouldn’t need to rip off American taxpayers. After all Time Warner had a net income in 2012 of a little over $3 billion. That’s not revenue, that’s income… net.

The Cartoon Network is part of Time Warner. Stuart Snyder is the president of Cartoon Network. In this video clip you will see him talking directly to the captive audience of Channel One students. It appears that he is telling students about an anti-bullying movie on his network. That is indeed what he is doing, but if students and teachers think about this commercial in an analytical way, they will understand the subtext of the ad.  Stuart’s main goal is to promote his network. He is using the movie to create a feel-good attitude toward his cable network. Notice the impressive display of the Cartoon Network logo at the end. 

People like Stuart Snyder and Channel One’s CEO Ms. C.J. Kettler don’t particularly want students to do any critical thinking about the commercials on Channel One News. Why should students engage their brains when it is so much easier just to be a good little consumer?



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