Moving from CNN to Channel One News. You don’t see that often.

October 26, 2013

Tom Hanson joins Channel One News Oct 2013

From Jim Metrock:

The newest member of Channel One’s team of “reporters” is Tom Hanson. His background looks rock solid. His credentials are easily the most impressive of Channel One’s current crew.

However Mr. Hanson is different than other Channel One on-air personalities. He appears to be doing his career in reverse. It’s too late for someone to pull him aside and tell him that you don’t go from CNN to Channel One News. You might go from Channel One to CNN if you are extremely lucky or if your mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, but to do the opposite is, let’s say, highly unusual. 

It is absolutely cringeworthy to see a young person appear to mess up their budding career so stunningly.

CNN is a legitimate news organization. Channel One News is a production of a youth marketing company. Yes, CBS helps produce the daily program, but Channel One is a marketing firm. It is owned by Alloy Media and Marketing who took control of Channel One in 2007 to help enhance its marketing efforts with teens and preteens. The head of Channel One has always been an advertising or marketing executive.  

One wonders if Mr. Hanson researched Channel One before he took the job. 

Maybe Mr. Hanson realized while he was at CNN that he wasn’t cut out for journalism. That would make sense. If that’s the case, Tom Hanson will have a long, fun run at Channel One News, just like the journalist-turned-pitch-woman Jessica Kumari.


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