Channel One dumps more Nintendo ads into weary American classrooms

November 10, 2013

Mario and Sonic Olympics game Nov 4 2013


kettler buy this video game nov 4 2013

Ms. Kettler, aren’t you a little concerned about advertising a $50 video game to middle school students?

Nintendo Olympics ad 2

Screen shot from middle school Channel One News. On November 4, 2013, Channel One News takes up precious class time to tell students this Nintendo video game comes out in two weeks.

Nintendo Olympics ad 1

A scene from the Channel One News Nintendo commercial. Most schools in America would never allow a TV commercial to be directed to students as they sit at their desks.. The vast majority of U.S. secondary schools have never allowed Channel One News in their classrooms. Channel One’s own home state of New York forbids Channel One News from being shown in any of its public schools.

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