How Channel One helps advertisers secure personal information from your child.

February 3, 2014
cj kettler and clearsil want your personal information Feb 2014

Obligation has repeatedly asked Channel One’s CJ Kettler for an interview. She’s too smart to say, “Yes.” Here we imagine what she might say when she finds she is busted for violating the privacy of students.



From Jim Metrock: Somebody on the Internet wants your child’s personal information. 

Channel One News and its current CEO Ms. CJ Kettler not only want your child to give up this information, they are URGING your child to do so.

Ms. Kettler has approved a series of commercials for Clearasil. Clearasil wants to be able to carry on a long term conversation with your child. They NEED your child’s email address and phone number.. Channel One wants Clearasil to get this valuable information because that means cash for Kettler and Company. Ms. Kettler wants to keep Clearasil happy. They are one of her few remaining advertisers. Ms. Kettler is a professional marketing executive. No parent or educator should expect her to make a child’s privacy a major priority.



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