Channel One’s annual revenue once $70 million, may now be $10.8.

February 14, 2014


From Jim Metrock: There has to be a lot of crying going on at Channel One if the figure I saw for their annual revenue is anywhere near correct.

There isn’t much known about Channel One’s finances since 2007 when the company was bought by Alloy Media and Marketing. Before that year Channel One was owned by a public corporation Primedia. Being public they had to release some information about Channel One. Alloy being a private company didn’t have to tell anybody anything.

Yet Hoover’s, a well known and respected corporate database, says that Channel One’s annual revenue is $10.8 million.  What a disaster for this controversial youth marketing firm.

I wrote Channel One and gave them a chance to give me a more accurate revenue figure, but I didn’t hear back.


There are three data points I know for sure about Channel One.:

  • In 1997, a Forbes and Wall Street Journal article stated Channel One had annual revenue of $70 million in fiscal 1996. 

  • In 2004, Primedia, Channel One’s owner, stated that Channel One had 1st quarter revenue of $10 million. (1st QTR is usually the best for Channel One review. 2nd and 3rd contain summer vacation months, and 4th has holidays cutting into ad sales.) Cut in Half

  • In 2014, Hoover’s posts Channel One’s annual revenue at $10.8 million. (No year indicated.)


You can make of this information what you will. To me it looks like a death spiral. Channel One looks like a company that is rapidly losing the ability to generate sustainable revenues.

If I were them, I would cry too.


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