Who will stay and who will go?

April 25, 2014



From Jim Metrock:  It’s the time of year when Channel One’s on-air personalities make their decisions to either stay or leave Channel One News.

Based on my viewing of the show, I submit my predictions.


% chance of staying at Channel One News for next school year


Scott Evans

85% chance he will stay

Scott Evans

Scott Evans


Scott Evans has more than any of the others become the face of Channel One News.  He doesn’t have a background in journalism but that doesn’t matter at C1N.  He has served 3 years at Channel One and is probable happy with his job.  Last year I said I was 100% sure Evans would stay.  This year I lower it to 85%.


Maggie Rulli

0% chance she will stay

Channel One's anchor Maggie Rulli dancing for her captive audience of student viewers.

Channel One’s anchor Maggie Rulli dancing for her captive audience of student viewers. Who cares?


Predictions June 2013


Last year my predictions were pretty spot on, except for Maggie Rulli.  I thought for sure she would be ditching Channel One but she didn’t.   She either has a very incompetent manager or she has no manager at all. She could excel on an entertainment show like former Channel One anchor Maria Menonos has done.  She has gotten better delivering the news, but becoming a legit reporter isn’t going to happen.  Entertainment Tonight?  Corporate opportunities?  Or she could stay at Channel One and fade a way in a Jessica Kumari way.  I’m going to bet again on Rulli leaving a show that can’t possibly be paying her half of what she is worth.


Shelby Holliday

90% chance she will stay


Each year I say I’m 100% sure that Shelby Holliday is coming back, and she does.   Going into her fifth year, she is looking like a “lifer” at Channel One.  She appears as if she is trying hard to be a real reporter, but then again she is also quick to do a news story for an advertiser, yuck.




Keith Kocinski

100%  chance he will stay

keith kocinski


Keith Kocinski worked at a Wyoming TV station before coming to Channel One.  He wanted the bright lights of the big city.  In the video link above, Mr. Kocinski said as he was leaving his Wyoming TV station, to go to the Big Apple to work for Channel One News.  In the interview, Mr. Kocinski explains that Channel One News is aimed at high school and college students.  No, what he meant to say was “high school students, middle school students, and elementary school students.”  He also misrepresents Channel One News as a “CBS affiliate.” As far as Obligation knows CBS has no ownership in Channel One News and no affiliate relationship.  CBS lets Channel One use their studio and they help produce their classroom TV show.  Mr. Kocinski might have exaggerated a little bit to make it look like be was taking a big step up from being a lone wolf reporter in Riverton, WY.  In the interview Mr. Kocinski says he will be under a 2-year contract to Channel One News, uh oh.  Looks like Keith Kocinski is stuck for another year.  That said, he has not appeared on the classroom TV show for the last month.




Tom Hanson

30% chance he will stay


tom hanson


Let me get this straight.  Tom Hanson was an associate producer at CNN and he leaves that position to come to Channel One News?  OK, that is correct. Wow.  I am guessing Mr. Hanson has to have discovered what Channel One is all about by now, and so I don’t see him coming back.  He needs to get back on the right track by once again working for a legitimate news organization and not for a youth marketing firm.

Demetrius Pipkin


Newest face on Channel One News. Intern Demetrius Pipkin is thrilled to have his face on TV even if it adversely affects millions of minority schoolchildren.

Demetrius Pipkin is the Rodney Dangerfield of Channel One News.  He isn’t getting any respect.  He appears on screen more than someone like Keith Kocinski, but isn’t considered a major reporter.  He  probably connects better with students than any other Channel One on-air personality.  He might be the most serious about journalism of the Channel One news team, but that’s not saying a whole lot.  He’s been loyal to Channel One, and I suspect he will remain so, even if it hurts his career in journalism.

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