Confirmed: Channel One’s long serving Alabama lobbyist is off payroll

May 20, 2014
Martin Christie

Martin Christie


From Jim Metrock:  

Martin Christie has been Channel One’s main Alabama lobbyist since 1998. 

Martin was a friend of mine.  In fact he sort of worked for me at one time.  He was the lobbyist for the Associated Industries of Alabama and the Business Council of Alabama when I was a board member of both.  

Recently Martin admitted to Pat Ellis of Obligation that Channel One no longer uses his services. In fact, Channel One no longer has any lobbying presence in Alabama.   

I loved the fact that our efforts in Alabama caused Channel One to spend so much money for so long a period of time just to keep a lobbyist at the ready.  I liked Channel One’s money becoming Martin Christie’s money because it weaken Channel One and it helped the Alabama economy.  Channel One’s money helped Martin send his children (zoned for a school district that had Channel One) to a private school. (I told Martin I would tell Channel One at the time – 2000, but I guess it’s OK now.) When I would run into Martin in the past, I would chide him for not -at the very least – sending me a Christmas card.  After all, I was causing a stream of revenue to continue to come his way.

Martin’s work included hosting golf outings at Alabama school board conferences and convincing public officials to put their name on Martin Christie-ghost written, pro-Channel One opinion articles. 

Martin’s first project for Channel One was a disaster.  In 1998, he could not convince the Shelby County school board to keep Channel One.  This was a large and influential school district in the middle of the state.  Martin lost Channel One eighteen schools in Shelby County at the very start of his employment.  It didn’t get any better.  Channel One steadily lost Alabama schools during Martin’s tenure.

I bet Channel One wishes they had some of that Martin Christie money back now.  


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